The Table – Years of Inspiration

I rotate my favorite places to read and write fairly regularly in a constant search for the muse of inspiration, or perhaps to make it easier for the muse to find me. If I’m away from home, I always look for a place with a table that doesn’t wobble and great coffee. We have some great coffee houses in our town and a good friend has me in the habit of carrying plastic shims to be sure the table doesn’t wobble. (We’re leveling the world – one table at a time!) I usually frequent the same place until the coffee no longer tastes right or I become too social and no longer read or write.

So, the best place for me is home. And when I’m home, my favorite place is our first dining room set which is now in the family room. It was replaced years ago, but even then, it was such a great place to work, I couldn’t part with it. It’s still better than the larger dining room set it replaced and tons better than the oak desk that takes up a good part of my home office. This was the table that got me through freshmen comp and countless projects in graduate school. Many times, I’d have to clear off my work in order to use it for family meals. Right now, the top is stacked with piles of books to be read. Piles that never seem to go down, even though I’m constantly reading. There’s a small corner of space for my laptop so I continue to write there.

As you can see from the photograph, the table is valued by other members of my family. The table leg was chewed years ago by our black lab pup when it was doing service as a kitchen table/work island. Rufus preferred to stay in the kitchen, particularly at night. He obviously wasn’t always sleeping. Even though he passed away years ago, we’ve never done anything about the table leg and always think of him with a smile when we see it. Now, the chairs are favorite spots for our two cats and are a repository for cat hair.

What would happen if the table found a new home? I shudder at the thought.



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